It’s hard, isn’t it little one, when we view people as Gods and they make stupid, human mistakes?  We correct that by not viewing people as infallible.

-12/30/12 as he strips the soaking wet clothes from my body as I huddle in the shower

I can not control what the world does to you, but I can control how you respond to it.

-12/16/12 as he comforts me, pressing my head to his chest with his fist in my hair.

There is no pleasure in hurting you through carelessness.  You’ve had enough of that for a life time.  When I hurt you, I do it deliberately and methodically. Because I plot and plan in detail ways to make your life excruciating, you know you can let go with me.  Just be vulnerable, little girl, and I’ll do the rest.

-12/1/12 before an emotionally devastating scene